One of the most important components in your vehicle's engine is the engine oil. It provides the needed protection and lubrication to ensure your Subaru vehicle's engine normally runs throughout its service life. To ensure this, it's a good idea to maintain a normal oil service schedule with your vehicle. With an oil service, you can select from several different types to go with your vehicle.

To help decide which is best for your vehicle, we like to share the differences between the oils used. If you like to go ahead and schedule your next oil service at our dealership, feel free to head over to our web portal to get started.

Conventional Motor Oil

The most common of motor oils, conventional oil is refined from crude oil that works best for vehicles with low mileage and performs light-duty work. If your vehicle features a simplified engine design, this oil fits perfectly.

High-Mileage Oil

For vehicles that feature older engines, high mileage oil features additives to help prevent major breakdowns and other maintenance issues down the road. Further, high-mileage oil reduced oil consumption and minimized oil leaks and emissions.

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

For the best of both worlds, synthetic blend motor oil offers a higher grade of protection than conventional oil, with the capability to work on many vehicles in various conditions.

Synthetic Motor Oil

The synthetic motor provides protection and performance for vehicles with a Subaru Boxer engine. Your vehicle can operate in low- and high-stress situations, including adverse weather and treacherous conditions. Moreover, its added protection against viscosity and friction ensures your engine will stand the test of time.

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