Forester vs. Outback Side by Side

 The Outback Vs. The Forester
We have been asked the difference between the Outback and Forester many times. We have come up with a one stop comparison guide to see them all side by side.

Ride quality and handling in both vehicles are completely different and can be experienced first hand with a test drive of each at Tri City Subaru!

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Tale of the Tape

                         2011 Outback 2.5I w/ CVT                            2011 Forester 2.5I w/Automatic
All Wheel Drive system     Symmetrical All Wheel Drive                              Symmetrical All- Wheel Drive
Fuel Tank Size                         18.5 Gal                                                                   16.9 Gal
Fuel Economy City                        23                                                                          20
Fuel Economy Highway                 29                                                                           27
Front Suspension                     Independent                                                            Independent
Rear Suspension                      Independent                                                            Independent
Front Brakes                               Disc                                                                          Disc
Rear Brakes                                Disc                                                                          Disc
Variable Assisted Steering          Standard                                                                  Standard
Turning Circle , curb to curb           36.8                                                                      34.4
Wheel size                                  16 x 6.5                                                                 16 x 6.5
Tire Size                                   215/60R16                                                              215/65R16
Wheelbase ( inches)                      107.9                                                                         103
Length (inches)                              188.2                                                                      179.5
Width (inches)                                 71.7                                                                        70.1
Height                                            63.9                                                                         65.9
Track (front)                                    61                                                                            60.2
Track (rear)                                     61                                                                            60.2
Minimum Road Clearance                  8.7                                                                          8.7
Headroom ( Front )                          40.8                                                                          41.6
Headroom ( Rear)                            39.3                                                                        40.4
Legroom ( Front)                               43                                                                           43.1
Legroom ( Rear)                              37.8                                                                          38
Shoulder Room (Front)                     56.3                                                                          56.1
Shoulder Room (Rear)                      56.1                                                                         55.6
Curb Weight  (pounds)                     3495                                                                         3300
Cargo space       
Cargo Volume (cubic feet)    34.3    33.5
Maximum Cargo Volume    71.3    68.3
 (rear seats folded)       

2011 Outback 2.5I Premium with moon roof

 2010 Forester 2.5i Premium w/ all weather package

2011 Outback drivers seat
 2010 Forester drivers seat
 2011 Outback driver view
2010 Forester drivers view

All Outback models for 2010 are equipped as standard with Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), which combines stability and traction control capability. The all-new electronic Hill Holder System -- standard on all models -- when activated, holds the vehicle in place until the driver applies the throttle to pull away from a stop.

   The 2011 Outback also comes with a electric emergency brake system.


Standard VDC electronic stability control utilizes sensors which constantly monitor wheel speeds, steering angle, brake pressure, vehicle yaw rate and lateral g-forces. If VDC detects a difference between the drive's intend path and the one the vehicle is actually taking, VDC applies braking power and/or reduces engine torque to help correct vehicle path.

 Both Systems VDC systems have Traction Control System ( TCS) It incorporates an all wheel drive, all speed traction control system whcih senses a loss of traction and applies braking force to the slipping wheel/wheels as necessary to maintain vehicle motion.
2011 Outback Premium standard 16X 6.5 Alloy wheel
2010 Forester Premium standard 16X 6.5 Alloy wheel. 
The 2011 Outback's moon roof is 35.5 " wide and 16.5 inches long
The 2010 Forester's moon roof is 33 " wide and 30.5 " long





The Outback is shown here with some optional equipment
  2010 Forester

71.3 cubic feet of cargo space!

68.3 Cubic feet of Cargo Space
The rear seats in every model level have the recline feature.
The  rear seats recline only in the Premium and Limited
The 2011 Outback Has a unique roof rack that folds and stores like cross rails when not in use. It can hold up to 150 lbs when properly equipped 
The 2010 Forester does not come standard with cross bars.  The Premium package does come with roof rails as shown.
   All of us here at Tri City Subaru hope this guide has illustrated the differences between the Outback and Forester. In the end it all comes down to personal preferences when it comes to choosing which one works best for you.  Please call or email us to set up your side by side comparison.